Thursday, November 29, 2007

Superdad to the Rescue

After JD was born, Jon and I agreed (after the first month) that during the week, I would get up in the middle of the night with JD and that he would handle the weekends. I understood this policy because Jon still has to get up during the week to go to work and actually function as a human being. Plus, when we first agreed to it, JD was blissfully sleeping through the night (yes, he started sleeping 8-10 hours a night at 5 weeks).

Around 6 months of age, that all came to a stop. Apparently anything and everything can cause a baby's sleep patterns to change on a dime. For JD, he has sprouted some new teeth, had his first stomach virus, started solid foods and started crawling - all very good reasons to stop sleeping at night, according to all the parent research sites. It is hit or miss every night whether he is going to make it all night or not. And JD never adjusted to the daylight savings time change. He gets up at 5:30 am every day (sometimes earlier), ready to start his day.

I actually get stressed out about it. I am sleeping really terrible because I just know as soon as I drift asleep, JD is going to wake up. So I never actually get into a deep sleep anymore. And as luck would have it, JD tends to wake up in the night during weekdays and not on weekends. So I have been on baby night duty a lot recently. Add that to the early mornings and I am starting to turn into a slightly sleep-deprived grouch.

This morning, I was bleary eyed and sleepy at 5:30 after getting up at 2:00 am to settle JD back down. My super-sweet husband offered to get up with JD and give him his breakfast bottle while I snoozed a bit. I responded to his kind offer by hitting my head back down on the pillow and falling immediately back to sleep.

JD and Daddy played for about an hour and Jon brought JD in, all sleepy and ready to take a nap. So Mommy and JD both got to take a nap until 7:45! Best morning in a long time!! It is amazing how little acts of kindness like this can make a whole day better!


Lynn Leaming said...

Praise God for thoughtful and self sacrificing husbands!!!

Lindsay said...

What a great husband! Such a sweet blessing from God are husbands as well as our children.

Dara said...

I am so glad you got a wonderful break today! We all need those once in a while! What a sweet hubby!