Tuesday, January 27, 2009

100% Boy

JD and I went to the grocery store yesterday and picked up a few essential items. It was already pretty cold, so JD was in his fleece and hat and some sweatpants. Perfect for going Krogering.

There was a nice Kroger lady where the carts were who got us a cart when we walked in. She chatted with JD and asked him how old he was, which he loves to tell people. He also showed her his muscles and how big he was. And the whole time I was calling him JD. But as we walked away, this nice lady said, "Wow, she is really smart for one!"

That is the absolute FIRST time that anyone has EVER mistaken JD for a girl. He just doesn't look or act like a girl, not when he was born and certainly not now.

So just to make sure there aren't any mistakes out in blogworld, I am including some recent pictures that show just how much boy my son really is!

JD thought it was funny when his foot got caught in the tractor.

Playing with the John Deere tractor that he got from his cousins in Indiana, who own a working dairy farm.

My boy can put away some food at meal times, especially spaghetti!


Kaitlin said...

He is so cute! Maybe she thought youu were saying "Jadie" or something. I definitely wouldn't mistake him for a girl though.

Heather said...

Girl? Really?

The Bradley Fam said...

Bless Kroger Lady's heart. JD is definitely all boy and we love him to pieces! :) We had a waiter call Anna Claire "he" the other night while she had on a turquoise sweatsuit with a hot pink turtleneck and sparkly tennies with ruffly socks. They just don't notice the details, I guess!

Katie said...

What?!? That lady needed some glasses!! He is 100% all boy!! ...and super cute to boot!

Angel From Heaven said...

Our kids are getting so big! J.D. is so cute in his overalls! Give J.D. a big hug from Izzy! We hope to see you guys real soon!

Abbe said...

I hear you! JD is very manly. I was at the mall the other day with Avery in literally head to toe blue said he, etc. Then told the lady his name was Avery to which she responded oh well that's a girl name and walked off. Sometimes you can't win and just have to be proud of your muscles.