Monday, September 28, 2009

Name Game

We've been having fun lately with JD talking about relationships and names.

He knows our relationships (Mommy, Daddy, etc), so now we have started to work on names. I figure if we are ever in a crowd and he needs to ask someone where we are - where's Mommy and Daddy probably won't help too much.

So now JD can tell you that Mommy's name is Mandy and Daddy's name is Jon. But I love it when we ask JD what his name is.

If you ask: "What's your name?" He will answer "Name's JD!"

If you ask: "What's JD's name?" He will answer "Name's Jon Douglas!"

And if you ask: "Is your name (insert any other name)?" He will answer "Nope. Name's JD!"

I just picture him on a horse with a cowboy hat, trotting into a western town, saying "Nope. Name's JD!"

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fire Fighter Exhibition

A couple of weeks ago, Jon took JD down to see the Fire Fighter Exhibition downtown. JD loves to see fire trucks, so this was right up his alley!

After a few visits to the latest and greatest truck technology (JD makes a good test driver)...

They found a truck that was more to JD's scale.

I am still hearing stories from JD about the fire truck "house" (this is different than the fire stations that he is used to seeing - apparently the exhibition hall is where they live).

Monday, September 14, 2009

Tater Tot Dance

A few weeks ago, my sweet husband went to get me some Sonic to satisfy a craving Baby Meg was having (okay, it was mostly me). JD rode along with daddy and when they got home, he had created a new dance. He calls it the Tater Tot Dance.

Since then, he has modified it so that it works with any food item that he is thinking about (Chicken/Fries, Burger/Fries, Pizza, Mac n' Cheese, etc).

We love to ask JD to do the Tater Tot Dance and watch him go!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mother of the Year Award

Yeah...not going to be winning that one anytime soon.

The last couple of mornings, my sweet little boy has been waking up extra early crying from what we think are nightmares. Each morning he claims to be seeing "giraffe shadows" or "scary clowns" or "big monkeys."

My theory now is that the one little light shining off of the phone we have in there might be casting these scary shadows on the wall and causing JD's imagination to run wild.

Well, this morning I heard JD start to whimper-cry around 6:15, but he stopped and then did it a couple of more times. I decided that part of growing up is to let him work through some of these things on his own and since he wasn't full-on crying, I would let him try to figure it out on his own.

Miraculously, he got quiet and stayed quiet until around 8 am. Patting myself on the back, I went upstairs to pick up my brave son for some breakfast. I walked in to hear my littlest boy saying "Hurts Mommy, hurts."

I asked him where and he pointed down to his pants, where he was soaking wet with a HUGE diaper. Yes, my poor son had an upset tummy this morning and a really bad diaper. And as a result, one of the worst diaper rashes I think he has ever had.

His scaredy-cat whimper-cry was really a "Help me Mommy, I'm covered in poo" cry. And after the big clean up and lots of diaper cream, he has still been walking around all day like a cowboy that has been in the saddle all day, occasionally saying "Hurts Mommy." And even worse, he kept saying "I sorry Mommy," like it was his fault!

Just when you think you are starting to figure out the mommy thing, a situation comes along like this to help you eat some humble pie.