Thursday, August 28, 2008

JD is a Pirate

We have stumbled across a kids' tv show on Noggin called LazyTown. It is a puppet/live actor show that usually has a song or two and a cute message about good habits.

JD has been semi-interested in the show, but we have really only watched it when his girl cousins come over to play, since it has a little girl who is one of the main characters.

Per my sister's recommendation, I recorded the episode about the kids being pirates. We watched it this afternoon and this was JD's reaction.

Then this...

And finally this...

He LOVED it!! He was absolutely mesmerized by the song - You are a Pirate. It was pretty cute. I don't think he even likes the Wiggles this much!

Here is the video of the song in case you want to see what caught JD's fancy. His favorite part was the very end, where the pirate laughs. JD always does a little laugh right after it (that was his expression in that last picture).

It actually has been stuck in my head ever since we watched it! Maybe I am a pirate too...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

August is WAY Too Long

Honestly, this month never seems to end! It is hot and kind of boring since we didn't have any trips to shake things up.

So here are a few things we have been doing this month.

JD and I went to Anna Claire's birthday on Saturday. Anna Claire is one of our sweet Baby Boot Camp friends. Her mommy is a fellow Chi Omega and we have lots of fun in class together! Here is a pic of JD enjoying some time on their prayer bench with some other kiddos (including another friend from BBC - Cole).

JD also got a haircut this week! I have been putting it off forever because August is the back-to-school haircut month, so it is crazy to go anywhere near a kids' hair salon. So we waited until the first day of school and went in the afternoon. Not a kid in sight! Here is a before and after shot.

And today, we spent some time with JD's cousin Marin Clare. In the past, these two haven't always gotten along (Marin has booted JD in the face and JD has pulled her hair and pinched her and probably some other things I haven't seen), mostly because they are only 5 weeks apart and going through all of the same issues at the same time.

But today, they got along like best buddies. They shared toys pretty well and chased each other around the room, giggling and laughing. JD gave Marin a ride on his FAVORITE toy, the firetruck.

Marin enjoyed trying on JD's cowboy hat and boogying down to the Wiggles. I thought it was funny that Marin played with JD's toys the same way that he plays with them - in a very non-conventional fashion. Did you know that the Little People trees are great to talk into because it sounds really weird since there is a hollow center? Both kids tried this out.

Anyway, there really isn't much going on in our world right now. I'm just glad that there are only five more days left in August. Surely September will bring some excitement into our lives!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our Day with Kenna

We had the opportunity to hang out with JD's cousin Kenna on Thursday for the day.

I have to admit that I was a bit nervous about taking care of a 4 month old and a 16 month old by myself for a whole day, but it actually went pretty well.

It seems that JD and Kenna's schedules coincided pretty well throughout the day. JD was so interested in "Baby" and wanted to show Kenna where her eyes were (JD - don't poke the baby's eyes out) and where her hair was (JD - don't pull Kenna's hair) and how to dance (JD - don't step on Kenna's head). We worked out a system where JD would sit by Kenna on her playmat, but not stand (much less dangerous that way).

I don't think Kenna has to worry about having a big brother because JD has it covered. He would share his toys (JD - Kenna doesn't know how to blow a train whistle yet) and show her how to play with her toys (JD - don't put Kenna's ball in your mouth). JD explained the finer points of the exersaucer and pointed out all of the features (JD - let Kenna play with the car now).

They watched the Wiggles, Baby Einstein and LazyTown together. Kenna thought the songs were great! We had her giggling and wiggling.

Naptime worked out great except I didn't really plan ahead on that one. I put the pack n play in my room since it is darker than the other rooms. Kenna fussed a bit about going to sleep in a strange place, but gave it up for a good 2 1/2 hours (same time as JD). The only problem was that since she was in my room, I couldn't get in my shower to get ready for the day! Oh well.

Overall, it was a fun day and I loved getting to hold a sweet baby girl who will actually fall asleep in my arms. She smiled and laughed and held up to JD's torments pretty well. I think they will have a lot of fun together in the coming years!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Moving Along

We had a great time this weekend with lots of quality time with Jon's family.

His family is getting ready to move into their incredible new home, built by the sweat of their brows (so to speak), after living in their much older home for more than 25 years. You can see pictures here.

So on Friday, JD and I went up to help put shelf paper in the huge kitchen (with great storage). JD was supposed to be napping, but wanted to play with Aunt Mercy and Uncle Josh more than he wanted to sleep. He really enjoyed running around the big great room and hearing his voice echo when he talked.

On Saturday, Jon went to go help move in the family. I'm sure there were a lot of memories as they moved furniture from his childhood home. At least they were just moving across the yard!

Our nephew Luke came over on Saturday night for some quality time with Uncle Jon and Aunt Mandy and Cousin JD. He is starting to smile and giggle a bit, so it is fun to try to make him laugh. JD was acting like the Jolly Green Giant and trying to walk all over Luke while he was playing on the playmat. We definitely enjoyed getting to know Luke a bit better.

On Sunday, we had the family over to our house to celebrate Jon's mother's birthday. Jon made salmon, chicken wings and baked potatoes. It was all pretty yummy! I enjoyed seeing all of the cousins interact. Again - JD likes to act like a giant around his cousins. But he kept trying to give both Kenna and Luke hugs, which I thought was so cute!

Playing with everyone wore JD out because he took 2 hour nap after everyone left and then went to bed early and slept in this morning! Can't complain about that!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Buffalo - It's What's For Dinner

I think I have a pretty adventurous palate in a lot of ways. Don't get me wrong, I definitely have food dislikes out there (broccoli - you and I just don't get along). But overall, I am willing to try a lot of different foods.

When I was living in Asia, I tried all sorts of weird things and I usually didn't ask what they were because I was a little scared to find out. But I know I have eaten raw fish (but who hasn't these days), worms, duck, rabbit, quail, snails, frogs, monkey brains, rattlesnake, shark, whole prawns (with the heads and everything), deer and most recently, buffalo.

Buffalo is becoming fairly commonplace in our house these days because our grocery store of choice (Yay Marketstreet!) carries it for a pretty good price. It's much leaner than beef and has more flavor. Plus, buffalo aren't going through the same issues as cows with the whole hormone injections and antibiotic issues.

So last night, Jon cooked up buffalo burgers for my mom, Ken and I for a birthday dinner for my mom. On the side, he made up some sweet potato fries and for dessert, we had gelato from our neighborhood Paciugo.

But the buffalo really makes for a tasty burger! JD ate some and really liked it...I guess he will be an adventurous eater too!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Today is Grandma's birthday! We are so glad that she was born today. Grandma does so much for our family in so many ways.

JD loves hanging out with his grandma. She always has fun toys to play with and a dog that runs around the house. JD sleeps so well at Grandma's house, it is almost like being home!

From picking up cute clothes for the kiddos to arranging for family vacations and get-togethers, my mom is amazing! She loves spending time with the family and tries so hard to keep our family together, even with new grandkids and commitments.

She has also been a great travel partner, coming to China and Italy with Jon and I! Too fun!

I am so thankful for my mom and am so happy that she is here to share in the joy of our family!

Happy Birthday!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Getting Into the Spirit

Along with everyone else, our household has turned into an Olympics cheering squad. We love to watch the events and cheer along with the crowd.

This Olympics has been interesting because it is in Beijing, where Jon and I visited a couple of years ago. It has been fun to see the coverage of the tourist spots of interest and Jon and I can say that we have been there!

During the opening ceremonies, we were discussing all of our summer Olympic memories from years past - watching Mary Lou Retton get a perfect 10, Keri Strugg landing her vault to win the team gold on one foot, watching Michael Johnson win in his gold shoes. And we noticed something new this year.

JD is a true Olympic fan! He just soaks it all in and cheers along with the tv and claps when the competitors finish. He was amazed by the incredible opening ceremony and loved all of the lights and noise.

And coincidentally (or not), he has really started throwing the balls that we have around with more enthusiasm. He will pick them up and really chunk them across the room. It makes me wonder if we have a future Olympic athlete on our hands...or maybe he will join the ranks of the couch athletes like his parents.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hot, Hot, Hot

And I am not referring to the cute song with that same title. I am referring to the ridiculously hot weather we are having right now. 103, 105, 107 - I used to think of those as radio stations. Now it is the typical temperature for the day.

Poor JD is feeling the strain of the weather too. He has been getting heat rashes from sweating it out, no matter how cool I try to make it for him. He is just so active! We have been trying to make the best of it...

This afternoon, I'm going to find an air conditioned mall playzone for him to run around for a bit. Swimming is even too hot these days since the pool water feels like bath water.

We did turn on the sprinklers in the backyard the other day so that JD and Jon could run around in some cool water for awhile. It wasn't so long ago that JD was playing in our backyard and was all bundled up.
I am ready for days like this one again...anyone else?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Big Macs and Blessings

I took Jon this morning to get his eye re-Lasiked since he was having trouble seeing out of his left eye.

JD stayed with my mom, so I wouldn't have to worry about him getting into trouble at the doctor's office.

After a long wait, Jon went through the surgery in minutes and we were on our way back home. His only request was a McDonald's burger for lunch.

I am not a fan of Micky D's. I would rather eat at Wendy's or Chick-Fil-A any day. But my husband loves the Golden Arches. So we pulled through the drive through.

After we paid, the teenaged girl cashier wished us a "blessed day." Jon and I were both a bit surprised by this, but then we both commented on how nice that was. I would like to think that the teenager who said it has had God give her so many blessings in her life that she wanted to bestow some on others.

Anyway, it made me smile for the day! Maybe I will wish a stranger a blessed day in my next encounter.