Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cool in Colorado Part 1

Since I haven't posted in FOREVER, I felt like it was still appropriate to go back about a month and reminisce about our vacation in Colorado, where the temperatures were a cool 45 degrees at night and 85 during the day. Ahhh...

We enjoyed our annual visit to Colorado, just like every year. The only hiccup we had was that Meg just really doesn't sleep well up there for some reason. It took most of the trip to get her to sleep through the night there. My family all met up there again, so the cousins had a great time playing together!

We drove to Georgetown along a beautiful pass...

Add Image Then we got to Georgetown to ride the train!

Everybody panned for gold one day down in the creek by the cabin. Not sure they were very successful (it all looked like sand to me), but they had fun!

Stay tuned for Part 2 - Broadmoor, Fishing and Fun!