Saturday, August 18, 2012

Princess Tea Party

Oh my sweet baby girl...she is such a girlie girl!  She loves clothes, shoes, dolls and my favorite - DRESS UPS!!!

She has had some fun princess skirts and accessories that she has been wearing since Christmas, but she didn't really have any full dress ensembles until Grandma brought her this beauty...

And then she was really hooked!

Our church put together the sweetest princess tea party this morning for all of the little girls and their moms/grandmas/aunts/special friends. 

Meg talked about it all week because she had to decide if she was going to go as Rapunzel or Snow White.  I talked her into Snow White (because the wig is pretty obnoxious for longer than 30 seconds).


And she had a ball (pun intended)!!

 She was pretty amazed that Princess Tiana and Cinderella greeted her at the door.

We are so appreciative of the wonderful ladies at church who worked hard to put this together.  Princess Meg is STILL talking about it!

The girls listened to the Princess and the Pea story and then got to test out a mattress to see if they were a "real" princess.  Meg said she could feel it, so it must be true.

We enjoyed having all the Aldrich Princesses in attendance!

We also enjoyed seeing Princess Mercy Boyd and Princess Grace Bailey!  They were beautiful in their fancy dresses!

As I gaze into my crystal ball, I can see many more princess tea parties in our future!!