Sunday, November 8, 2009

Moving On Up

Three weeks after JD's entry into the toddler bed, he has now graduated to his very first big boy room!

JD went to spend the weekend with his grandma and grandpa and have a little fun on the farm up there, so we could get his big boy room put together as a surprise!

We are still missing a couple of pieces of art and a book case unit to store toys, but other than that, we were able to get the room assembled.

His room is, of course, a firefighter room! Over the past month, Jon built the bed and we painted it on Friday night. My mom found the bedding and we already had his little playtable and a lot of the accessories.

JD was pretty excited when he saw his room for the first time this afternoon. He counted all the firetrucks in the room and when he sat on his bed for the first time, he said, "I really like it!"

It doesn't get better than that! We still have some finishing touches, but he has already taken his first nap (a successful three hour one at that) in his new room and he is looking forward to sleeping there tonight!


Heather said...

I hope last night went just as well as nap time! Looks great!

Lynn Leaming said...

Just adorable! What boy wouldn't love this room! Hope he enjoyed his first night!

Rachel said...

The room is so cute...I love the red bed. I am glad that JD likes it too!

Dara said...

Very cute! Glad JD is excited to move into his new room!

The Laird's said...

that is very cute!!! and he looks so grown up!

Abbe said...

what a cute big boy room! and how great that he likes his new bed. i am going to need tips for a smooth transition before too long!