Saturday, October 13, 2007

My Boys

Tomorrow is Sunday, which is a very big day in our family. Yes, we do the usual things like going to church and eating lunch with the family. But even more important, we have to watch the Boys. And by the Boys, I mean the Dallas Cowboys.

Ever since we found out that we were having a boy, Jon was so excited about getting to share the Cowboys with our son. I guess men do their best bonding over a game where other men hit each other hard.

But I have to say that I have always liked the Dallas Cowboys. I've cheered for them when they were on top, winning Super Bowls. I've yelled at them and commiserated with them when they were at the bottom and losing game after game. I'm a big fan of the passing game and I get so frustrated when they keep running it up the middle. (I'm so glad that we have a quarterback who likes to throw the ball now)

I remember all of the Sundays and Thanksgivings that I watched the Cowboys with my dad and my grandpa. My grandma would make a special meal after church so we could all sit at the house and watch the game together. By the end of the second quarter, my dad and my grandpa were usually snoring in their recliners.

I will miss seeing my dad have the opportunity to share the Cowboys with his grandson. I know they would have really enjoyed cheering the Cowboys on to victory. But I love that JD will get to experience the football games with his daddy, just like I did with mine.


Becky said...

cute shirts!
good memories!
i'm even excited about tomorrow's game and I am not a big cowboys fan.

Amberly said...

Great post! I love watching Sam & my sons bond over a shared love! Like father, like son! :)

Dara said...

Thanks for having us over to enjoy bonding time with you guys! Lots of fun! Maybe, next time, the girls will hang out in the living room and actually see more of the game! Luckily, all gymbucks are now officially burned!

Dara said...

Oh, forgot to say how cute that picture is of your boys! Just darling!