Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Let's Go to the Movies!

About a month ago, I found out that some our local movie theatres were replaying some Disney classics on the big screen. When I found out that they were playing the movie "Cars," I knew I was going to have to bring JD to the movies!

I haven't been brave enough to bring JD back to the movie theatre after our last attempt almost a year and a half ago, but he loves the movie "Cars" and it was playing at 10 am, which is a great time of the day for us!

JD was so excited about going to see "Cars" that he wanted to practice some driving too.

Of course JD had on his Lightning McQueen hat and carried in his Cars backpack, wearing what else but a t-shirt with a car on it!

We went with my sister and Ellie Beth, who is also a huge fan of the movie. The two car fanatics settled right into the movie experience.

In fact, JD really didn't even start to fidget until about the last 10 minutes of the movie! He was pretty mesmerized with the movie screen.

I was pretty impressed with our movie experience and might have to repeat it again sometime soon!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Work of Art

JD really hasn't been too much into the coloring thing. He has all of the right supplies - crayons (several boxes) and coloring books.

He loves to pull the crayons out one by one and look at the colors. He likes to look at the pictures in the books. But when it comes to the actual coloring process, not so much.

Tonight, he decided to channel his inner artist and asked for his Cars coloring book and crayons. I was happy to oblige and he actually sat and colored for a bit.

I ate some dinner while he was coloring nicely for awhile. I look up after a few minutes and saw his greatest work of art to date, but unfortunately I couldn't hang it up on the refrigerator or put it in his memory book.

He decided at some point that it was too "conformist" and limiting to color on a page and switched to our hardwood floors.

And he is a really FAST artist because he managed to color in four colors over a 5 foot by 4 foot area of the floors.

Thank goodness crayon comes off of hardwood floors with a lot of elbow grease and floor cleaner and an hour later, JD's masterpiece has been erased. (Sorry the pictures didn't turn out well)

I gave him some (stern) advice that it might be wise to switch to paper in order to become a profitable artist.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Bluebonnets, Birthdays and Bunnies

What a busy weekend we had!! And so much fun!

On Friday, I took JD out to a beautiful field of bluebonnets near our house. He was pretty amazed and I could barely get him to look up at me or the camera for the pictures!

Afterward, we drove up to Prosper to celebrate our niece Kenna's first birthday! I can't believe she is already one! She was a beautiful birthday girl and JD loved showing her how to play with all of her presents!

This is JD actually playing with Abbye, Kenna's cousin. She was very interested in the cars too.
He even helped to blow out out the candle since he is such a big boy now.

On Saturday, we went out to Jon's family's house to have a little Spring Celebration with family and friends! We met the new baby goats, which JD loved!

He wasn't too sure about the older goats though.

We had a little Easter egg hunt behind the house and all the kids really had a blast! JD figured it out right away, even though he didn't want to be bothered with carrying the basket (after all what are moms for, right?).

The weather was beautiful and the kids just played and played.

On Sunday, we had a lovely Easter Sunday, even if the weather didn't cooperate. JD enjoyed seeing what the Easter bunny brought for him.

We went over to my mom's house for an Easter lunch and took a few more pictures. The kids were pretty hyped up on sugar by this point, so getting them to take a picture was pretty difficult.

Everyone was so sweet and brought JD Easter treats! He is loving the choo-choos that Grandma got for him and all the candy from his cousins and Aunts and Uncles!

Although we were all pretty tired by the end, we had a really nice day and wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Two Year Stats

We took JD to the doctor today to get his progress report. Good news this time is that he doesn't have any ear infections, which seem to always be a by product of a well-baby visit for us.

Here's how he measures up:

29 pounds - 50th percentile (he was 25th percentile at his 18 month visit - I think JD has discovered french fries since then)
35 inches - 75th percentile

Woo-hoo! Tall and skinny!

JD did really well at the visit and showed off all his skills for the doctor. He cried a little bit when we got the Hep A shot, but no big deal for our big boy. I think the hardest part of the whole visit for JD was when he had to say goodbye to the toy cars in the office!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pirate Party!

On Saturday, we rented a pavilion at the park near our house that happened to be near the lake (a pirate needs to be close to the water!) and had family out to celebrate our little pirate's birthday. We had great temperatures, but a lot of wind!

Jon's cake decorating came out fantastic!!

JD had so much fun with the cousins and his family!! We broke open two pinatas! Big Cousin Emma did a lot of the grunt work on those!

Aunt Mercy helped out too!

JD had lots of fun opening presents. So many fun things to play with and wear! Thank you everyone!

And JD loved hearing everyone sing Happy Birthday to him over Daddy's cake. See how awesome it looks! We didn't get to blow out a candle at this time because it was too windy.

The kids all loved playing at the park by the pavilion for the rest of the party.

JD was a pretty pooped pirate by the time we loaded up to go home, but we had to do one more cake with a candle so he could blow it out!

Perfect end to a pirate birthday!!

Celebrating JD's 2nd Birthday

Jonathan Douglas had quite the birthday extravaganza to celebrate turning two!!

JD started off his birthday right on Friday by driving Mama's car! It was the first birthday wish he had, so of course, I complied.

After our workout (where he got lots of birthday wishes from his BBC friends), we stopped by the fire station to visit the fire trucks and daddy - another favorite activity.

We went home for a nap and some walks around the block (we couldn't stop with just one!). Then we took JD to Scotty P's for his favorite dinner - chicky fries (chicken strips and fries). Lots of fun for JD and us!

We have tried for several weeks now to get JD to say that he is "two" or hold up two fingers or any combination when we ask him "How old is JD?" He always answers "one" and we haven't been able to change that. I think JD is is a philosopher and knows that he is only 1 person, so how could the answer be 2?

Jon and I stayed up late past JD's bedtime working on final preparations for his big pirate birthday party on Saturday. Jon had the task of decorating the pirate cake because I have no patience for that level of detail!! Wait until you see how he did turning this...

into this...