Friday, April 17, 2009

Work of Art

JD really hasn't been too much into the coloring thing. He has all of the right supplies - crayons (several boxes) and coloring books.

He loves to pull the crayons out one by one and look at the colors. He likes to look at the pictures in the books. But when it comes to the actual coloring process, not so much.

Tonight, he decided to channel his inner artist and asked for his Cars coloring book and crayons. I was happy to oblige and he actually sat and colored for a bit.

I ate some dinner while he was coloring nicely for awhile. I look up after a few minutes and saw his greatest work of art to date, but unfortunately I couldn't hang it up on the refrigerator or put it in his memory book.

He decided at some point that it was too "conformist" and limiting to color on a page and switched to our hardwood floors.

And he is a really FAST artist because he managed to color in four colors over a 5 foot by 4 foot area of the floors.

Thank goodness crayon comes off of hardwood floors with a lot of elbow grease and floor cleaner and an hour later, JD's masterpiece has been erased. (Sorry the pictures didn't turn out well)

I gave him some (stern) advice that it might be wise to switch to paper in order to become a profitable artist.


Heather said...

I have always wondered how old kids are when they start coloring on wall and such. Glad it came off okay!

Lindsay said...

Yes, Glad it came off. I think the stern advice is very warranted. :) Amazing how quickly he can color.