Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday JD!

Two years ago today my son was born at 5:08 pm. He was such a mystery to me on that day. But I have had the joy of getting to know Jonathan Douglas a little more every day since then.

JD is sweet and funny and loves to hug on his friends and family. He hasn't met anyone that he doesn't like and will tell anyone who will listen about his love of cars.

He has learned how to say "luf mama, dada, cars, burr (bear)" recently, and I never get tired of hearing "luf you mama." He enjoys playing by himself, but also loves to play with others. "Play cars" is his favorite phrase.

JD knows his letters and numbers, but is stubborn enough not to share them upon command (he is related to his mama and daddy after all). He loves colors and shapes and will point them out, even about the object farthest away (sometimes barely within sight).

I love JD's bright smile and deep blue eyes. I think it is precious that he will share snacks and toys with his little girlfriends at Baby Boot Camp, but only when it is his idea!

JD will say "Thank you Jesus Amen" before meals and asks to say prayers before bedtime. He has started to clasp his hands together during prayers at church, but still hasn't learned a whisper voice yet during the service!

My little boy is mischievous and an explorer and true boy, so I fully expect more bumps and bruises along the way. He tests and prods everything in his path and wants to test the more unconventional ways to do things.

I love my sweet two-year-old son and can't wait to see what his next year of life will bring him and us!!

Happy Birthday JD!


Heather said...

Happy Birthday JD!

Becky said...

such a sweetie!