Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Two Year Stats

We took JD to the doctor today to get his progress report. Good news this time is that he doesn't have any ear infections, which seem to always be a by product of a well-baby visit for us.

Here's how he measures up:

29 pounds - 50th percentile (he was 25th percentile at his 18 month visit - I think JD has discovered french fries since then)
35 inches - 75th percentile

Woo-hoo! Tall and skinny!

JD did really well at the visit and showed off all his skills for the doctor. He cried a little bit when we got the Hep A shot, but no big deal for our big boy. I think the hardest part of the whole visit for JD was when he had to say goodbye to the toy cars in the office!


Dara said...

Way to go JD! Love ya buddy!!!

Tall and skinny! We have the skinny part down over at our house... just gotta work on the tall part! Ha!