Thursday, February 28, 2008

Little Hot in the Kitchen

For Jon's birthday, I asked him where he would like to go to eat. He specifically requested that I cook for him.

I have mentioned in previous blog entries that my husband really enjoys cooking. He has made a hobby out of it and has catered a couple of events now. So he does a lot of the cooking around our house too. I handle the simple meals - like spaghetti, goulash, Spanish rice, pot roast (basically all the meals I ate growing up) and he does the more adventurous cooking.

So when he made this request, I asked him which meal he wanted - Spanish rice or goulash?? He said he wanted a special meal, like I used to make for him back when we were dating/first married (you know - the time when you are trying to impress the man you love).

I researched some recipes because I am a by-the-book recipe girl. If the recipe calls for 1/2 cup of olive oil, then I use a measuring cup and put it in. None of this "eyeball it" stuff. I figure that whoever was testing the recipe originally put 1/2 cup for a reason, so who am I to question that?

So I came up with an Italian menu for my sweetie: Bruschetta, followed by Chicken Scallopine (chicken stuffed with fontina cheese and sage, covered with a tomato sauce) and Caesar Salad. For dessert, I kept it simple since Jon is not big into sweets. I made Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies with milk (his favorite).

The cooking went okay. I diced about a million tomatoes for the bruschetta, but no sliced fingers or anything. I minced garlic and pounded chicken. It was like I really knew how to cook or something. But then I had an accident in the kitchen.

It was right about the time that my husband was asking if he could help with anything that it happened. I was adding my cooking wine to the already heated olive oil when a big bubble of oil exploded all over my face. No major injury, just some stinging, but I have to say my spirits were somewhat dampened by this. Was this an indication of how things were going to go?

But everything turned out fine. The dinner (by my husband's declaration) was delicious and we really enjoyed sitting at the dining room table and talking, while Frank Sinatra sang in the background. JD hung out with us and entertained us with a new giggle that he was trying out.

It was a memorable evening - even if part of the memory was temporary blindness from flying grease.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Today is my sweet husband's birthday! I am so grateful that he was born 35 years ago on this day.

Jon is such a great husband and terrific father. I know I am blessed in so many ways by our marriage. It is amazing when you meet the person that you know you are destined to be with for the rest of your life. Then you get married and you think it can't get any better. Then it does! Especially when you have children!

I am constantly surprised by how much better our life gets together every year. It is due to my husband's spontaneous nature and fun-loving spirit. He knows how to create adventure and how to make every Saturday exciting. He makes me feel safe and protected and loved. We can talk about anything and still would rather talk on the couch than watch a movie. He is my best friend and my hero!

I love you! (And I especially love that you will always have three years on me. I can always be your young trophy wife)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Odds and Ends

Well, we made it through another whirlwind weekend where most of us were sick around here in addition to all of the activities that we had planned.

I took JD to his first dr visit that wasn't a scheduled well-baby visit. I wanted to make sure that his cold wasn't going into an ear infection or something. So JD and I bundled up on Friday and went into our dr's office. The doctor commented on how cute JD looked in blue (I had to agree) even with his runny nose. Then the doctor checked me out to make sure I wasn't getting anything worse and then checked JD. No infections!! So it is just a waiting game to make sure that JD gets better.

On Friday night and Saturday morning, I was up at the church, decorating for our annual chili cookoff. We did a Firehouse theme, so it was practice for me for JD's future birthday parties. Saturday afternoon, we went to a 1st birthday for a friend of mine's son. JD enjoyed himself and toddled around and played.

On Sunday, it was a jam-packed day again for us with church, lunch with Jon's family, a baby shower at my mom's, the chili cookoff and then an Academy Awards party at one of my EDS friend's house. JD got to spend the night with Grandma for the first time!! I was a little nervous since he has been sick, but Grandma said he did just fine and slept through the night like a trooper!

I couldn't wait to see him this morning!! He was happy and playful. We went to Baby Boot Camp, for the first time in awhile, since we have both been sick. It was nice to get out and about again. Unfortunately, now Jon has the cold. No fun.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Better Days

I try to share everything with my family. It is part of the selfless mom thing, I guess. This week, I shared my miserable cold with my son. He spent most of the last two nights coughing and this morning had all of the head congestion and runny nose too.

In spite of his sickness, he is maintaining his cheerful disposition for the most part. Here he is imitating me saying "No" (as he was trying to pull down the paper blinds in the office).

I am including a couple of other recent cute pictures from better days without coughs and runny noses.

As all mommys know, when you click on the camera, all the kiddos want to do is run toward you to grab it!!

JD has learned how to climb up the stairs really well. Now if we could only get him to climb back down! He still wants to go head first...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Busy as a Bee

We had quite the going-ons this weekend. Jon and I spent most of the weekend getting the house ready for a baby shower on Sunday for Suzanne (our sister in law).

The theme was bees because this is what they plan to decorate with in their nursery. So cute! I love bees! So you can tell that I got a little into the theme.

I put together a diaper cake and incorporated a bee onesie and a bee teething blanket. I also added Baby Burt's Bees Talc Powder and a bouncing bee ball. And on the very top was an Anne Geddes baby dressed in a bee costume. Of course, we had to have a cake with a bee on it and I put cookies in a bee Easter basket. So much fun!!

I was battling a cold for most of the weekend, but I still had a good time getting ready for the shower. Jon's sister Sarah came in to help with the shower and our other sister in law Heather helped out, as well as my mom and sister. Everyone brought really great food and punch! I think Suzanne ended up with a great start for their little one.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Open Up and Say Yum

There a lot of things that I am grateful for in my new baby son. He is fairly laid back and easy going, not overly fussy and loves to play with or without us. But one of my favorite things about JD is his willingness to eat.

Even on the first day when I started to nurse him, he was an eager eater. The hardest part during those times was knowing when to cut him off!

When we started solids, we thought we were in big trouble because he didn't like cereal, the recommended first solids to introduce. He spit it out again and again, no matter how thin we made it or thick.

But then we started on veggies and fruits and this is where we struck gold. There hasn't been anything that we have put in front of him that he won't eat! Not only that, he can't seem to get his mouth any bigger to get the food in any faster. And he wouldn't stop eating either if we didn't stop giving him food. This child gives off no signals of "I'm done." He is always ready to eat.

Now we are on to people food and he loves it! Still no signs of dislikes yet. Maybe it is because we are raising a boy who comes from a long line of boys (on my husband's side) who LOVE to eat. If so, we are in for some trouble when he hits teenage years.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

We celebrated Heart Day by going to Baby Boot Camp this morning to get our workout on! It was cute to see the other BBC kids all dressed up in red and hearts. Since JD is one of the few boys, it is easy to see that he is definitely a heartbreaker amongst the little girls.

In honor of this loving day, I would like to say how much my two guys mean to me.
My Husband
My husband, my hero, my best friend is the sweetest, kindest, strongest man I have ever met. He is my rock and keeps me from getting caught up in the mess. My sweetheart also points out the rays of sunshine in life, when I get the "negative nancies." He is also a wonderful and patient father! I love him more than words can say!
My Son
My newest sweetie captured my heart the first time he looked into my eyes. I love his smiles and bright eyes and the way he lays his little head down to the side when he gets tired. I love that he is so laid back and willing to hang out with anyone who gives him a smile. He is so smart and funny with all of his quirky mannerisms and expressions. He fits in great with his daddy and mommy who are, on a good day, pretty weird.

I am such a blessed and lucky woman this year to get to celebrate Valentine's Day with two such wonderful gentleman! It doesn't get better than this!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008

Look Mom, No Hands!

JD and I were on our own this past weekend since Jon went skiing with the guys. They had their own adventures too with lots of snow again. But JD and I were snug as a bug here for the weekend.

We had a great day on Saturday. We had lunch with Grandma and Aunt Suzanne and then went to a baby shower, where he was the only baby present! He was a sweet angel baby all afternoon and we came home and played!

On Sunday, we went to church, which made me very grateful for my husband. It is tricky to get yourself ready with a busy 10 month old crawling around and then lugging the 20 pound child and all of his stuff into the church all by yourself! JD helped me with laundry in the afternoon. He is a great helper (when he isn't throwing all of the folded laundry on the floor).

We also watched the Wiggles, which he is really getting into! He laughs at the characters on the show. It is pretty cute.

But we are ready for Daddy to come home today! We both miss him like crazy!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Quality Time

JD and I have had some great fun together recently. Yesterday, we had our first official playdate at a firefighter's wife's house and their son. JD is about 5 months younger than their son, but they still had a blast! I was so proud of him and how well-behaved he was. You never know how babies are going to treat each other!

Last night we went over to my sister's house for a girls' night (and babies). We watched Neverland with the kids and ate goulash (an old family recipe). JD loved the goulash! He got a little upset when all the other kids were eating popcorn and he couldn't have any. I set him up with some Cheerios and he was content (although not really happy about it). He really enjoyed playing with the other babies and watching his favorite oldest cousin Emma. She is non-stop entertainment for the kiddos!

Today is another adventure for us. I do have the day pretty packed with activities so I hope JD does just as well as yesterday!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Orange is NOT My Favorite Color

I know I have mentioned in previous blogs about JD's spectacular spit ups. Since he has been cruising around, they have all but gone away...until this week.

JD has had a minor stomach thing going on this past week, probably due to some new teeth coming in - lots of diarrhea, gurgling tummies, trouble with sleeping and other minor discomforts. Oh yeah..and a bunch more spit ups.

Back in the prior spit up period, JD was on a breastmilk and/or a formula only diet. Although the smell was yucky, it cleaned up pretty easily. Now every spit up has a rainbow of colors that are all but impossible to get out.

I have heard and tried pretty much every hint that I have been given. "Soak it and wash it immediately." "Use stain treatment, soak and wash it." "Try baking soda on the stain." "Soak it and then perform a dance in front of the washing machine while patting your head and rubbing your stomach." "Pray."

But I think there is a conspiracy between Gerber and Gymboree. The orange in the Gerber foods (carrots, sweet potatoes, tomato sauce) does NOT come out. So the cute little onesie with the enormous orange spit up stain (that came with the cute little pants and cute little jacket that matches the cute little socks) has now made the entire outfit useless since you can't wear the outfit without the onesie. That's what pulls the whole outfit together.

I love those bibs that are made of the material that is cloth on one side and plastic on the other side. I have a couple of tote bags out of the same material from Harrod's in London. I think there is some money to be made for some industrious seamstress who could make cute outfits out of this material. I know I would buy some.