Monday, February 11, 2008

Look Mom, No Hands!

JD and I were on our own this past weekend since Jon went skiing with the guys. They had their own adventures too with lots of snow again. But JD and I were snug as a bug here for the weekend.

We had a great day on Saturday. We had lunch with Grandma and Aunt Suzanne and then went to a baby shower, where he was the only baby present! He was a sweet angel baby all afternoon and we came home and played!

On Sunday, we went to church, which made me very grateful for my husband. It is tricky to get yourself ready with a busy 10 month old crawling around and then lugging the 20 pound child and all of his stuff into the church all by yourself! JD helped me with laundry in the afternoon. He is a great helper (when he isn't throwing all of the folded laundry on the floor).

We also watched the Wiggles, which he is really getting into! He laughs at the characters on the show. It is pretty cute.

But we are ready for Daddy to come home today! We both miss him like crazy!!


Heather said...

The pictures are too cute and I am glad you guys had fun. I am ready to see my guy too!