Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

We celebrated Heart Day by going to Baby Boot Camp this morning to get our workout on! It was cute to see the other BBC kids all dressed up in red and hearts. Since JD is one of the few boys, it is easy to see that he is definitely a heartbreaker amongst the little girls.

In honor of this loving day, I would like to say how much my two guys mean to me.
My Husband
My husband, my hero, my best friend is the sweetest, kindest, strongest man I have ever met. He is my rock and keeps me from getting caught up in the mess. My sweetheart also points out the rays of sunshine in life, when I get the "negative nancies." He is also a wonderful and patient father! I love him more than words can say!
My Son
My newest sweetie captured my heart the first time he looked into my eyes. I love his smiles and bright eyes and the way he lays his little head down to the side when he gets tired. I love that he is so laid back and willing to hang out with anyone who gives him a smile. He is so smart and funny with all of his quirky mannerisms and expressions. He fits in great with his daddy and mommy who are, on a good day, pretty weird.

I am such a blessed and lucky woman this year to get to celebrate Valentine's Day with two such wonderful gentleman! It doesn't get better than this!


Dara said...

What a cutie! Fun Valetine's Day!!!