Thursday, February 21, 2008

Better Days

I try to share everything with my family. It is part of the selfless mom thing, I guess. This week, I shared my miserable cold with my son. He spent most of the last two nights coughing and this morning had all of the head congestion and runny nose too.

In spite of his sickness, he is maintaining his cheerful disposition for the most part. Here he is imitating me saying "No" (as he was trying to pull down the paper blinds in the office).

I am including a couple of other recent cute pictures from better days without coughs and runny noses.

As all mommys know, when you click on the camera, all the kiddos want to do is run toward you to grab it!!

JD has learned how to climb up the stairs really well. Now if we could only get him to climb back down! He still wants to go head first...