Saturday, February 9, 2008

Quality Time

JD and I have had some great fun together recently. Yesterday, we had our first official playdate at a firefighter's wife's house and their son. JD is about 5 months younger than their son, but they still had a blast! I was so proud of him and how well-behaved he was. You never know how babies are going to treat each other!

Last night we went over to my sister's house for a girls' night (and babies). We watched Neverland with the kids and ate goulash (an old family recipe). JD loved the goulash! He got a little upset when all the other kids were eating popcorn and he couldn't have any. I set him up with some Cheerios and he was content (although not really happy about it). He really enjoyed playing with the other babies and watching his favorite oldest cousin Emma. She is non-stop entertainment for the kiddos!

Today is another adventure for us. I do have the day pretty packed with activities so I hope JD does just as well as yesterday!


Dara said...

It was fun having everyone over! Can't believe we ate that whole baking dish of goulash! It was fun watching the kids interact for sure!!! Too bad the mom's were too tired for much entertainment after the kids went down... oh well! Maybe another girls night sometime... without the kids!