Saturday, February 16, 2008

Open Up and Say Yum

There a lot of things that I am grateful for in my new baby son. He is fairly laid back and easy going, not overly fussy and loves to play with or without us. But one of my favorite things about JD is his willingness to eat.

Even on the first day when I started to nurse him, he was an eager eater. The hardest part during those times was knowing when to cut him off!

When we started solids, we thought we were in big trouble because he didn't like cereal, the recommended first solids to introduce. He spit it out again and again, no matter how thin we made it or thick.

But then we started on veggies and fruits and this is where we struck gold. There hasn't been anything that we have put in front of him that he won't eat! Not only that, he can't seem to get his mouth any bigger to get the food in any faster. And he wouldn't stop eating either if we didn't stop giving him food. This child gives off no signals of "I'm done." He is always ready to eat.

Now we are on to people food and he loves it! Still no signs of dislikes yet. Maybe it is because we are raising a boy who comes from a long line of boys (on my husband's side) who LOVE to eat. If so, we are in for some trouble when he hits teenage years.