Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dinner and Trunk or Treat

On Saturday, Jon and my brother in law Josh and our friend Jordan cooked up for a fun concept called Food Creates Community.

Jordan hosted a dinner that used local food stuffs from local farmer's markets and brought people from different walks of life who paid to come together for a fabulous, five course meal that celebrated the autumn flavors. It was in Jordan and Emily's backyard and I have to say, that it really looked fabulous!

Emily, Jordan's wife and I were servers for the event. The boys slaved away in the kitchen for the day. It all tasted so good and perfect for a crisp fall evening. Let me know if you are interested in learning more about this concept, which Jordan has assured me will be followed up by more dinners that are similar.

On Sunday, we took JD to his second trunk or treat! We decorated my mom's trunk in a pirate theme, where JD was the captain! He was such a cute pirate!

Heather and Kenna came by too for a bit! Kenna was a precious ladybug, but she wasn't too sure about JD in a pirate hat!

My sister Dara won SECOND (thanks for the correction Dara) prize for her trunk, which was Cinderella's carriage. My nieces were each beautiful Cinderellas.

We enjoyed the evening, but JD was ready to hit the hay when we got home! He was one pooped pirate!


Angel From Heaven said...

J.D. turned out to be an adorable little pirate! It looks like he had so much fun! Your blog looks great! You and Heather are going to have to teach me how to makeover my blog, this week. Can't wait to see you guys!

Lynn Leaming said...

J.D. is a precious pirate (can pirates be precious?)

Isabel Kallman said...

Hi! I run and I would lobe to feature your Trunk or Treat photos as part of a new column we are launching: "I know what you did last weekend...." It is meant to be an inspirational post giving parents ideas on how to enjoy their lives. you know, the magical amongst the messy. :)


Dara said...

Glad to see the pics from Jordan's... it looked really great! I am sure it was much better in person! JD was the cutest pirate EVER! And one minor correction... I won 2nd place! ha!!!

Isabel Kallman @AlphaMom said...

Finally! A year later we post this on Alpha Mom. Thank you again for letting us use your photo.