Friday, October 17, 2008

Wiggles and Not So Many Giggles

My mom and I took JD and his cousin Marin to the Wiggly Play Center yesterday afternoon. Just so you understand what we were dealing with, let me give you a bit of background.

All week, JD has been dealing with some sort of illness. It could be related to the 2 year molars trying to come in or it could be a little stomach virus. But he has been really picky when it comes to eating and he has been crying a lot more than normal and has a fever off and on.

So yesterday, after not eating very much all morning, JD refused to take a nap. My mom and I had already planned on taking the kids to the Wiggly Play Center since they both love the Wiggles so much.

So I decided to bring the napless JD, and I figured that I would just leave whenever he got too fussy or tired.

We got there and the kids had a ball! They loved the slide and the bounce houses and the cars and the Wiggles music.

JD and Marin did the merri-go-round for a bit.

And then we took a break for some snacks (one of the first things JD had eaten yesterday besides a bottle).
When we got home, I tried to feed JD, but this is what I got (pretty consistent with his eating behavior ALL week).

But he went to bed early after a nice bath and a talk with Daddy on the phone.

This morning he was STARVING. After throwing a tantrum for about 15 minutes, he ate his normal breakfast of yogurt and banana, plus a NutriGrain cereal bar and some of my Shredded Wheat cereal!

I guess it is true that you just have to wait for them to get hungry enough and then they will eat!


Heather said...

I'm glad JD is feeling better! Sounds like he is making up for lost time in the food dept

Lindsay said...

Glad the Wiggly PlayCenter worked out for you. So nice to go outside of summer and weekend time. I am sure it was mostly small children for you. This summer was a mess with big kids coming in and no one controlling them. I hope to take Kimbo and Ellie again but during the off season of big kids. :)

Dara said...

Glad he has returned to a more normal JD again. He looked so sweet sleeping in church today!