Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mr. Grabby Hands

JD is just tall enough now (or at least his arms are long enough now) to reach up on the counters and pull things off.

Recently, he has pulled down cups of water off the bedroom nightstands. He has pulled down stacks of mail and plates full of food off the table. The scariest was when he pulled a sharp knife off of a cutting board. Thank goodness he wasn't hurt, and Mom and Dad figured out how long of a reach JD really has now! (Nothing sharp stays on the countertop anymore!)

He doesn't really know what he is grabbing for since he can't see where his little hand is reaching, but it is always a surprise when he finds out what he got.

Here was today's surprise:

Daddy was working on mixing some dough for some homemade bread, and JD figured out what was in the measuring cup. Flour!


Heather said...

He looks so cute covered in flour! I need him to come over to my house so I can learn what I need to do to make it childproof! :)

Lindsay said...

So cute! Yes, the grabby hands phase - Kimber is still there. At least now she knows what is danger and will not mess with it, but I keep it out of harms way anyways.