Monday, October 6, 2008

Giddy Up Cowboy!

Nothing much is going on around here right now. Just lots of playtime!

JD has been enjoying his rocking horse more than ever these days, especially since he can get on and off by himself now. This rocking horse is great because it has rubber bands that make it bounce too.

We hit the big 18 month milestone this past Friday. I can't believe that JD is already a year and a half old already! If his clothes and shoes are any indication, he will be a 2 year old in no time. We had to buy some new shoes in a size SEVEN this past week!!

JD stayed with Grandma and Grandpa in their new house on Saturday night! Uncle Josh, Michael and Solomon were on hand to play with JD and make sure he knew all of the cool things to do. And Aunt Mercy (JD calls her Mermee) was an extra-specially fun playmate for JD because she likes all of the same things that he does!

I think JD is already looking forward to spending more time out at Grandma and Grandpa's house!


Heather said...

Love the pictures with the cowboy hat! Glad the night at the house went well.

Katie said...

What a BIG boy JD is!! I can't believe he is 1 1/2!! Time sure flies and he is as cute as ever. Cole and I may take you up on the offer of fire trucks!! OH MY!! If you ever want to go for walks let me know :) We are always looking to get out of the house for an afternoon!