Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Getting Ready for Halloween

JD got in the spirit today by getting dressed up in his Halloween t-shirt and socks.

Of course, we had to watch the "Pirates" episode again in honor of the t-shirt.

JD also knows that a pirate says "Arrgh" and will swing his arm too! (That is why the second pic is a bit blurry. I caught it right after his arm swing and Arrgh.)

Our friend Tricia at Baby Boot Camp got him the cute skull and crossbones socks! She is a fellow Chi Omega sorority sister of mine and our symbols were the owl and skull and crossbones.

On a sidenote: JD has really taken notice of owls lately. He carries around my stuffed animal owls all over the house and says, "hoo, hoo!"


Katie said...

Look how big those feet are!! You weren't kidding!! He's going to be tall! Guess what..I bought a jogging stroller today!!

Dara said...

Soo cute!