Monday, February 4, 2008

Orange is NOT My Favorite Color

I know I have mentioned in previous blogs about JD's spectacular spit ups. Since he has been cruising around, they have all but gone away...until this week.

JD has had a minor stomach thing going on this past week, probably due to some new teeth coming in - lots of diarrhea, gurgling tummies, trouble with sleeping and other minor discomforts. Oh yeah..and a bunch more spit ups.

Back in the prior spit up period, JD was on a breastmilk and/or a formula only diet. Although the smell was yucky, it cleaned up pretty easily. Now every spit up has a rainbow of colors that are all but impossible to get out.

I have heard and tried pretty much every hint that I have been given. "Soak it and wash it immediately." "Use stain treatment, soak and wash it." "Try baking soda on the stain." "Soak it and then perform a dance in front of the washing machine while patting your head and rubbing your stomach." "Pray."

But I think there is a conspiracy between Gerber and Gymboree. The orange in the Gerber foods (carrots, sweet potatoes, tomato sauce) does NOT come out. So the cute little onesie with the enormous orange spit up stain (that came with the cute little pants and cute little jacket that matches the cute little socks) has now made the entire outfit useless since you can't wear the outfit without the onesie. That's what pulls the whole outfit together.

I love those bibs that are made of the material that is cloth on one side and plastic on the other side. I have a couple of tote bags out of the same material from Harrod's in London. I think there is some money to be made for some industrious seamstress who could make cute outfits out of this material. I know I would buy some.


Dara said...

Hope last night's spit up came out! Yes, treating stains has become quite a science of mine now! What a pain! I forgot to mention spraying on the stain treatment (Shout or whatever), let it sit for 3-10 minutes and then use a toothbrush to scrub it. The tootbrush makes a HUGE difference on getting out the stains. Good luck!

Becky said...

Those stains are HORRIBLE I know and almost impossible to get out. My only advice is let it soak in something for 24 or more hours.

Heather said...

If you find anything that works, let me know...I will have to keep it in mind for future reference!

Jenny Bradley said...

Ok, I am stain removal queen and I don't know why, but this always works for me (be it bright yellow/orange poop, breastmilk, etc.) Since it is an organic stain, Oxi Clean powder will probably do the trick. I do mine in a sink or the tub. I like the tub best because I let mine soak for three days and I have never had a stain set! Put scalding hot water in the tub (enough to cover the garment) and mix the powder until it dissolves (I use a wooden spoon) and turn the garment stain side down in the water. I let it soak for a few days, and yes, the water gets cold, but the soaking works. Try it in the washer and it should be good to go--most of my stains disappear before even going in the washer! I also love the Spray 'n Wash Oxi stain remover with the pink and white chambers. Sorry for the long response!!