Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pirate Party!

On Saturday, we rented a pavilion at the park near our house that happened to be near the lake (a pirate needs to be close to the water!) and had family out to celebrate our little pirate's birthday. We had great temperatures, but a lot of wind!

Jon's cake decorating came out fantastic!!

JD had so much fun with the cousins and his family!! We broke open two pinatas! Big Cousin Emma did a lot of the grunt work on those!

Aunt Mercy helped out too!

JD had lots of fun opening presents. So many fun things to play with and wear! Thank you everyone!

And JD loved hearing everyone sing Happy Birthday to him over Daddy's cake. See how awesome it looks! We didn't get to blow out a candle at this time because it was too windy.

The kids all loved playing at the park by the pavilion for the rest of the party.

JD was a pretty pooped pirate by the time we loaded up to go home, but we had to do one more cake with a candle so he could blow it out!

Perfect end to a pirate birthday!!


Lynn Leaming said...

Too cute! Jon did an awesome job on that cake!!
Glad J.D. had a great 2nd birthday!

The Bradley Fam said...

I am SOOOOO IMPRESSED with the cake!! Wow!!!