Sunday, April 5, 2009

Celebrating JD's 2nd Birthday

Jonathan Douglas had quite the birthday extravaganza to celebrate turning two!!

JD started off his birthday right on Friday by driving Mama's car! It was the first birthday wish he had, so of course, I complied.

After our workout (where he got lots of birthday wishes from his BBC friends), we stopped by the fire station to visit the fire trucks and daddy - another favorite activity.

We went home for a nap and some walks around the block (we couldn't stop with just one!). Then we took JD to Scotty P's for his favorite dinner - chicky fries (chicken strips and fries). Lots of fun for JD and us!

We have tried for several weeks now to get JD to say that he is "two" or hold up two fingers or any combination when we ask him "How old is JD?" He always answers "one" and we haven't been able to change that. I think JD is is a philosopher and knows that he is only 1 person, so how could the answer be 2?

Jon and I stayed up late past JD's bedtime working on final preparations for his big pirate birthday party on Saturday. Jon had the task of decorating the pirate cake because I have no patience for that level of detail!! Wait until you see how he did turning this...

into this...