Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Feeding Frenzy

After we were given the greenlight to begin the introduction of solid foods, I was so excited! I bought new baby bowls and spoons and plastic bibs for the occasion.

If any of you know me and my husband, we both really enjoy food. Pretty much any kind - comfort, Asian, Italian, Mexican, American, French, Indian, etc., etc. Our favorite part of traveling is trying the local cuisine.

In fact, we enjoy food so much, that we are both currently on a "stop eating so much" diet until the holidays. But I'm getting away from the topic...

We couldn't wait to introduce JD to the culinary arts that we both love so much.

So last night, we sat JD in his brand new highchair and strapped on his brand new feeding bib. Dad set up the video camera, and I heated up the rice cereal that was lovingly mixed with heated formula.

And we gave JD his first taste of "solid" food...which he promptly made a BLECH face and spit it all out. we tried it again - this time with airplane noises. This time he shuddered and spit it all out. And I can wind up 3 minutes of video for you by telling you it ends with him crying after all of our efforts to turn him into a foodie at first bite. (I'll try to edit the video and post a clip a little later).

I tried again at lunch today with pretty much the same success. Okay, so we will have to help him to develop the sophisticated palate that his father and I enjoy. I mean - who doesn't enjoy a spoonful of bland rice cereal mixed with body temperature, sour-smelling formula (Note: it isn't sour, I just think formula is very smelly)??

I'm already getting excited to see his reaction to his first bite of squash!!


Heather said...

haha...if he is like my Boyd, he won't like the squash either! Do they make baby food eggplant?

Dara said...

He'll get there! Neither one of my girls liked the rice cereal either - not until I mixed it with applesauce! Later I mixed cereal into the YoBaby yogurt for a more filling breakfast. Fruits and veggies were well-received!