Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fun with Grandma & Grandpa

Jon's brother Daniel recently celebrated a birthday, so last night, Jon was invited to come and cook "gourmet-style" for Daniel's firefighter friends. I came along too to lend a helping hand to his wife Heather and enjoy some yummy food!

JD's grandparents - Gerry and Ouida were sweet enough to come out to watch JD for the afternoon/evening while we were gone. Aunt Mercy came out too and spent time with her nephew.

The afternoon started off a bit rocky because when they arrived JD was waking up from a nap and was very grumpy (screaming his head off to be exact). That frazzled my nerves a bit because I didn't want to leave my sweetie when he was so agitated.

He finally calmed a bit and perked up at Grandma's voice. I felt a bit better, but I still couldn't coax a smile from him before I left.

It sounds like they had a ball though. JD took a walk in the stroller and went on his first baby swing ride at the park by our house. He ate good and played hard with Grandma and Grandpa, who got him crawling across the floor and smiling a bit. They sang songs (his favorite activity) and read books.

By the time we got home, JD was already sacked out in his crib from all the fun that he had. We are so blessed to have such wonderful and loving grandparents nearby to spend time with him! It is so reassuring to leave your child in such loving hands!


Angel From Heaven said...

Hey guys. J.D. is growing so fast. I can't wait to meet him! Mandy, I hope everything is going good. We will hopefully see you in December, and can exchange "new mom" stories. Tell the whole family we said hi and miss them. I heard Mercy's birthday was great. Talk to you soon! ~Lindsey

Lynn Leaming said...

And how great to have grandparents with such a wealth of experience!! I cannot imagine there is anything about children that they don't already know and that would be comforting in leaving J.D. with them as well. Glad ya'll were able to get out and have a fun time together. I am sure it was a blessing for Gerry, Ouida and Mercy as well!

Ouida said...

Yes, we did have a great time! It was so much fun to get to know this little sweetheart better. Thanks for the opportunity and all your hospitality.