Monday, November 16, 2009

Showering With Love

On Saturday morning, Baby Meg had her first baby shower! My sister Dara, our friend Emily and my friend Tricia threw me the best brunch shower ever! My mom opened up her home for us.

Starting with the so-cute invitations that matched Meg's nursery decor so well, the shower was just perfect! It was a great blend of old friends from EDS and my book club to newer friends from JD's playgroup and Baby Boot Camp!

Jon, Josh and Jordan provided the incredible food - french toast layered with bananas and strawberries, topped with some kind of maple rum sauce. Yum!!

My sister did a phenomenal job on embroidering all sorts of cute clothing for Baby Meg to hang on a clothesline! I am so lucky to have such talented friends and family!

I really enjoyed getting some time to visit with everyone who attended. I felt so loved and I know Meg will have all sorts of loving "aunties" when she is born!

We are ready for Meg's arrival in about a month!


Dara said...

I am so glad it all went so well! What a fun and yummy shower!!! I am thrilled I could be a part of the special celebration of baby Meg!!!