Monday, January 9, 2012


I think that is what this blog is becoming.  I am losing the battle with keeping up to date on this thing.  And I actually have a pretty good reason.

About 4 weeks ago, I went back to work on a part-time basis.  This was not a decision that I made lightly, but it really seemed that it was meant to be right now. 

Many factors have been coming in, loud and clear for us.  Living with two kids on a single income isn't easy.  My husband is a wonderful provider and daddy to my children and I couldn't ask for more.  But as a firefighter, they have a pretty tight ceiling as far as pay increases go, so we were starting to plan ahead for that fact. 

Also, I majored in Journalism in college.  Not elementary education, not home economics, not nursing...I am not gifted in these areas.  Let's face it, my patience with little kids, even my sweet babies, has a limit (although my love absolutely does not).  I found myself raising my voice and getting frustrated at insignificant things on a daily basis. 

Plus - back to that Journalism major, I did get a very expensive college education that I used for 10 years before having children.  I thrive on the challenge of creating a marketing strategy and tactics to meet a specific need with tailored messages per audience.  I loved my day-to-day interactions at work and feeling like a valued contributor.  And, let's be honest, I loved bringing home a paycheck to add into our family's finances.

So with all these things floating in my mind, I got a notification on my iphone from a job app that I had downloaded months ago.  It was programmed to ping me when a part-time marketing job in Allen came up.  Well, you can guess how many times that had happened.  So I was shocked when one popped up.

I showed it to Jon and asked what he thought and we both agreed that it couldn't hurt to find out more.  So I sent in my resume and got a call the next day, which turned into a phone interview.  Then I was asked in for a more formal interview, which turned into a follow up interview with the CMO and a job offer.  Wow!  All within 3 days of submitting my resume!

The job seems to fit my needs perfectly - working Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (the days that JD goes to preschool).  It is just down the road in the offices above the shopping complex that Jon and I go to often for dinner and shopping.  The job is just the right balance of marketing and operational management that is in line with my career.  And the office seems to be very family focused and friendly.

We also asked our sister-in-law (a recent elementary education graduate - who is looking for a full time teaching gig...let me know if you know of one) to come watch Meg during those days and shuttle JD back and forth to school.  They LOVE Aunt Mary, so it seemed to be another blessing that just fell into place.

Now, four weeks into the job, I am hectic, busy and still a bit disorganized, but I am really enjoying the job and my time with my kids is so precious and seems to be more quality time together.  I am still a bit sad to not see them every day.  And I miss picking my boy up from preschool and getting Mommy-Meg alone time, but we are finding the balance.

The best part is how supportive my husband has been.  He has held my hand while I've cried over this decision and prayed with me and said all the right things ("You can quit anytime you feel like you need to").  Our conversations are about work and projects and office politics, not just kids now. 

After four years of poop, spit up, feeding, changing, entertaining and talking to kids, I am excited to be back in the saddle again.  I look forward to Tuesday, just like I look forward to Friday.  It is nice to feel balanced again.

So after my long-winded excuse for how my blog has fallen by the wayside, I do plan to give you an update on Jon's graduation, Meg's 2nd birthday, Christmas and Colorado soon!  Just look for an update Fri-Mon! :)


Lindsay said...

Sweet heartfelt decision. The blessing of a loving supportive family. Love that picture of you and the kids! That is amazing.