Monday, January 23, 2012

Meggy Sue Turned Two!

On December 18th, my sweet baby girl turned two!  I can't believe it! 

We had an elephant themed party for her (which was slightly holiday-ish, given the timing), but she loves elephants right now, so it worked out.

The day started off with Mickey Mouse pancakes and lining up all of the elephant guests for the party (thanks JD).

After that, we got ready for church, where Meg had her last day in Baby Bible Class (sniff sniff).

We got home for a pizza party (Meg's favorite food) and presents! 

My Meggy Sue quite successfully turned two and loved every minute of it!  A couple of weeks later, we went to the doctor for the well visit.  I was so impressed (and so was JD) that she took her shot with only a whimper!

Head - 35th percentile
Weight - 26 pounds, 35th percentile
Height - 33 inches, 50th percentile

Meg is such a bright ray of sunshine in our house.  She has such a sweet disposition and is always smiling and singing.  She loves music of all kinds and will rock it out with the Fresh Beat Band or sing with Olivia or VeggieTales. 

Meg has quite a vocabulary and can carry on a pretty decent conversation.  She can count to 20 (with a few hiccups in the teens), recognize her shapes and sort them, and color and draw circles.  She is just starting on letters and can sing some of the alphabet song.  We're still working on colors, most things are green or red right now.

She can undress herself and put on her pants, skirt and socks and shoes by herself.  She also loves to accessorize and asks for her bow for her hair daily.  We have just started the potty training route, but I can say, as of today, she has successfully used the potty once and has asked to sit on it about a million times.

Meg is pretty good about trying new foods and just added salad to her list of vegetable likes (along with green beans and carrots).  Pizza is the favorite, but she likes spaghetti and meatballs, chicken, beans and rice, soup and chocolate bunny crackers.  Not a fan of juice yet, but she will still down a bottle of milk at bedtime.

At two, Meg still takes a 1 1/2 - 2 hour nap every day and sleeps every night from 7-7/7:30 in the morning.  As long as we have the sound machine to drown out big brother, she sleeps great!  We are just about to move her in the toddler bed, so we will see if this changes soon!

Meg loves to play with JD and they have created all sorts of brother/sister games they love to play together.  My favorite is pirate princess.  Meg puts on her princess crown and finery and then walks around saying "Arrgh!"  Sometimes she adds a sword for flair.  Love it!

I'm so excited to see how she changes in the next year and I love the the little girl that she is becoming!  So much fun with my sweet Margaret Sue!


The T-Shirt Mama said...

We can't wait to see her in 2 year old Bible Hour! The little ones are getting so big so fast!!