Saturday, February 18, 2012

We're Going to Disney World!!

And we didn't win the Super Bowl or anything!! 

Jon has a work trip to Orlando coming up, and we decided to add on a weekend trip to Disney World with the kids!  I'm so excited!!

I've been to Disney World five times and Disney Land once, but Jon and the kids have never been.  I absolutely cannot wait to see their faces when we walk through those gates!!

We haven't told the kids officially yet, and I'm trying to come up with a creative way to get them excited about it.  They both talk about wanting to see Mickey and the "Disney Castle" all the time.  Please feel free to pass along any ideas on how to spill the beans!  I'm thinking a promo video about the park or something should be involved since neither child has ever been to an amusement park at all.

On that note, any helpful tips about traveling to Disney with kiddos would be appreciated!  We are staying slightly off property at the Hilton, which has a regular shuttles to the parks, character breakfasts (we'll get a reservation for this ahead) and access to the "Magic Park Hours." 

I'm bringing a stroller for Meg, refillable water bottles and ponchos, as well as Aunt Dara-embroidered Minnie and Captain Hook jackets - all ideas that have been passed on to me already. Anything else important I should consider before we go?

I hope that my family enjoys Disney World as much as I think they will! 


Rachel said...

How fun! I cannot WAIT to take our family to DW! I recently pinned a series written by moms on taking little ones to DW.

Check it out here:

It's not just the one blog post...there is a whole series and these moms go through each park and most of the rides with their opinions, tips, etc. I thought it was really interesting and helpful. I read the whole thing even though we aren't going this year!