Monday, August 18, 2008

Moving Along

We had a great time this weekend with lots of quality time with Jon's family.

His family is getting ready to move into their incredible new home, built by the sweat of their brows (so to speak), after living in their much older home for more than 25 years. You can see pictures here.

So on Friday, JD and I went up to help put shelf paper in the huge kitchen (with great storage). JD was supposed to be napping, but wanted to play with Aunt Mercy and Uncle Josh more than he wanted to sleep. He really enjoyed running around the big great room and hearing his voice echo when he talked.

On Saturday, Jon went to go help move in the family. I'm sure there were a lot of memories as they moved furniture from his childhood home. At least they were just moving across the yard!

Our nephew Luke came over on Saturday night for some quality time with Uncle Jon and Aunt Mandy and Cousin JD. He is starting to smile and giggle a bit, so it is fun to try to make him laugh. JD was acting like the Jolly Green Giant and trying to walk all over Luke while he was playing on the playmat. We definitely enjoyed getting to know Luke a bit better.

On Sunday, we had the family over to our house to celebrate Jon's mother's birthday. Jon made salmon, chicken wings and baked potatoes. It was all pretty yummy! I enjoyed seeing all of the cousins interact. Again - JD likes to act like a giant around his cousins. But he kept trying to give both Kenna and Luke hugs, which I thought was so cute!

Playing with everyone wore JD out because he took 2 hour nap after everyone left and then went to bed early and slept in this morning! Can't complain about that!