Sunday, August 10, 2008

Getting Into the Spirit

Along with everyone else, our household has turned into an Olympics cheering squad. We love to watch the events and cheer along with the crowd.

This Olympics has been interesting because it is in Beijing, where Jon and I visited a couple of years ago. It has been fun to see the coverage of the tourist spots of interest and Jon and I can say that we have been there!

During the opening ceremonies, we were discussing all of our summer Olympic memories from years past - watching Mary Lou Retton get a perfect 10, Keri Strugg landing her vault to win the team gold on one foot, watching Michael Johnson win in his gold shoes. And we noticed something new this year.

JD is a true Olympic fan! He just soaks it all in and cheers along with the tv and claps when the competitors finish. He was amazed by the incredible opening ceremony and loved all of the lights and noise.

And coincidentally (or not), he has really started throwing the balls that we have around with more enthusiasm. He will pick them up and really chunk them across the room. It makes me wonder if we have a future Olympic athlete on our hands...or maybe he will join the ranks of the couch athletes like his parents.