Thursday, August 14, 2008

Buffalo - It's What's For Dinner

I think I have a pretty adventurous palate in a lot of ways. Don't get me wrong, I definitely have food dislikes out there (broccoli - you and I just don't get along). But overall, I am willing to try a lot of different foods.

When I was living in Asia, I tried all sorts of weird things and I usually didn't ask what they were because I was a little scared to find out. But I know I have eaten raw fish (but who hasn't these days), worms, duck, rabbit, quail, snails, frogs, monkey brains, rattlesnake, shark, whole prawns (with the heads and everything), deer and most recently, buffalo.

Buffalo is becoming fairly commonplace in our house these days because our grocery store of choice (Yay Marketstreet!) carries it for a pretty good price. It's much leaner than beef and has more flavor. Plus, buffalo aren't going through the same issues as cows with the whole hormone injections and antibiotic issues.

So last night, Jon cooked up buffalo burgers for my mom, Ken and I for a birthday dinner for my mom. On the side, he made up some sweet potato fries and for dessert, we had gelato from our neighborhood Paciugo.

But the buffalo really makes for a tasty burger! JD ate some and really liked it...I guess he will be an adventurous eater too!


Katie said...

Huh! We will have to try buffalo! I know my husband has had it, but not me. I'm not so adventurous, but I may be willing! Where did you say you bought gelato?? I love that stuff, but I haven't heard of the store you mentioned...