Monday, September 28, 2009

Name Game

We've been having fun lately with JD talking about relationships and names.

He knows our relationships (Mommy, Daddy, etc), so now we have started to work on names. I figure if we are ever in a crowd and he needs to ask someone where we are - where's Mommy and Daddy probably won't help too much.

So now JD can tell you that Mommy's name is Mandy and Daddy's name is Jon. But I love it when we ask JD what his name is.

If you ask: "What's your name?" He will answer "Name's JD!"

If you ask: "What's JD's name?" He will answer "Name's Jon Douglas!"

And if you ask: "Is your name (insert any other name)?" He will answer "Nope. Name's JD!"

I just picture him on a horse with a cowboy hat, trotting into a western town, saying "Nope. Name's JD!"


Kaitlin said...

I guess you told him JD was Jon of course that means JD's name is Jon Douglas! Duh! That's too cute.

Heather said...

This weekend he kept referring to himself in the third person (JDs turn!)... I figured you guys were working on names.

The Laird's said...

that's so funny!

Dara said...

Such a cutie! Love the new blog look!!!