Monday, September 14, 2009

Tater Tot Dance

A few weeks ago, my sweet husband went to get me some Sonic to satisfy a craving Baby Meg was having (okay, it was mostly me). JD rode along with daddy and when they got home, he had created a new dance. He calls it the Tater Tot Dance.

Since then, he has modified it so that it works with any food item that he is thinking about (Chicken/Fries, Burger/Fries, Pizza, Mac n' Cheese, etc).

We love to ask JD to do the Tater Tot Dance and watch him go!


Dara said...

cute video, but always better in person! Such a little cutie!

Aren't you glad we introduced you to kid dodge pillow? That is hilarious... better entertainment than the wii!

Heather said...

Personally I love the tater tot dance... too cute!

Lindsay said...

That is precious!