Friday, January 16, 2009

JD's BarcaLounger

JD has a new favorite spot these days.

We brought out a portable booster/high chair for Miss Kenna when we babysat last week, so both kids could eat with us at the same time.

After she left, we moved the chair in the corner of the kitchen, since I intended to put it back in the storage closet later.

JD fell in love with his little chair and moved it personally to his favorite spot in the living room...perfect view for the television, of course.

The chair design has a reclined back, so he can just relax, while enjoying a favorite snack and his favorite tv shows. He insists on the tray being attached too and has figured out how to climb in and out around it.

He's eating a tortilla in this one and thought it was fun to let it dangle out of his mouth for awhile.

He's just perfecting those man skills...