Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And the Winner Is...

the Vtech Around the Town Alphabet game for the most annoying Christmas toy!

We got this for JD to help with his interest in the alphabet. In theory, it really did seem like a good idea. JD loves to point out letters and this toy has the whole alphabet that lights up and makes the letter and phonics sounds when you push the letter. It also does lots of other stuff like music, spelling, telling time and other things that he will like when he is a little older.

The only problem is that JD doesn't push one letter at a time or even wait to hear the answer when he pushes a letter. So we basically get - A, A, A, A, R, R, R, S sounds like, S sounds like, Q, Q, Q, etc, etc. He also likes to turn it on and off because it lights up the alphabet this way, so we get "Thanks for visiting our town today" interrupted by "Welcome to our town."

Jon has asked that we only play with it when he is at work!


Kaitlin said...

Well, it's cute though :D What's a toy without sound?!

The Bradley Fam said...

Anna Claire does the same thing with her Leap Frog bus! It drives me crazy! You are hilarious.