Monday, April 21, 2008

Triple Whammy

Well, JD doesn't do anything halfway. About 2 weeks ago, we found out that JD had his first ear infection - one in each ear. The doctor put him on antibiotics and we dealt with the fussiness and bad sleeping patterns of a ear infected kiddo.

Then at the end of last week, we noticed that JD was having a hard time breathing and there was a bunch of gunk in his lungs. So we took him into the on-call doctor at his pediatrician's office.

The doctor there was very concerned and ordered a round of chest x-rays because she was worried about pneumonia. Yikes! They did the x-rays and ruled out pneumonia, but said he definitely had some respiratory issues. She gave us some top secret decongestant (since there aren't any over the counter anymore) and another round of antibiotics.

The funny thing about JD is that he really isn't that badly behaved for a kid with all these issues. He is still running around playing, albeit with a nose dripping like a faucet and coughs like a lifetime smoker. He is smiling and happy for the most part, but has definitely been whining a bit more than usual. And he seems to melt down a bit quicker than normal.

I am attributing all of this mess to his 1 year molars that have been threatening to pop through for a few weeks now. They swell up and then they go back down again and he drools like crazy and bites on everything.

I am ready for my poor little monkey to start feeling more like himself soon!!


Lynn Leaming said...

What a pitiful picture! Poor thing. Hope he gets better real soon!!!

Dara said...

Poor little JD! I do hope he can get those molars in and get all dried up again! We are waiting for EB's 2-yr molars to come in... waiting, waiting... Gotta love that faucet nose the goes with those teeth! Not!

Katie said...

Poor JD!! Can't say I feel your pain with the teething bc...COLE still doesn't have ANY teeth!! Oh well! Maybe they will all just come in at one time :) Are you going to the pool on Friday? Cole has some new trunks to show off so we will be there!