Thursday, April 24, 2008

Foreign Language

My little guy is still working on his language skills. He seems to latch on to a part of a word as the actual word itself. For example:

Duck, Quack, Truck - all are "Kuh"
Car, Cook (as in Daniel Cook, a tv show we see) - "Caa"
Yogurt, Wiggles - "Guh"

But the trickiest is "Baa" or "Baa-baa". This can mean ball, bottle or bye-bye. So I have to pay attention to the surroundings in which he says it to know what he means. If he is playing around and says "Baa-baa" then I know it means ball. If he is waving his little hand, then you can guess what he means. And if he is whining and crying and pacing around his high chair and refrigerator, I have to think he wants a's all a matter of context with JD.

It reminds me of the days in high school and college where I had to listen to an old French radio program and write down what they were saying in French. I actually had to write down the French words, not the English translation. As in the English language, there are many words that sound the same, but are not. I can't really remember it too well, but I do remember my professor laughing at some of the things I would write!

It makes me laugh at all of the baby toys now that are bi and sometimes tri-lingual. I think it is hard enough to figure out the English words JD is saying, without throwing in Spanish and French possibilities!


Dara said...

So cute! Love when kids start talking! Of course, we have to set certain times as "quiet times" now that they never stop talking! ha! Be careful what you wish for! Seriously, it is fun to be able to communicate!