Monday, April 28, 2008

Push 'Em Out

If anyone is a fan of Bill Cosby, then that headline might have struck a note with you. JD still has his little hoarsey voice today, which breaks my heart when he tries to cry.

BUT...I did notice with the almost silent crying, that his two bottom molars are almost through the surface!! I never realized that I would become a cheerleader for teeth, but I can't wait for JD to be through this round of 1st year molars!!

Come on Baby - Push 'Em Out, Shove 'Em Out, WAAAY Out!!


Dara said...

Oh yes! Go JD... get those teeth in!!! I'm still cheering on the 2-yr molars over here! Almost through the baby teething process with EB and working on the adult teeth process with EL... just a big tooth party over here!
"Push em out, shove em out, way out!!!"

The Bradley Fam said...

GO, JD!!!!! I know Momma is sooooo ready for your toofies to come in! It was so good to have you back in Boot Camp today! Molars, Molars, come on, Molars!

I have been meaning to tell you for weeks but kept forgetting......a REAL sister tells you that you need to do high knees when you are bustin' out with Rockette kicks! HA! Thanks for being my Chi O Sistah!!

Love ya, Jen