Thursday, April 10, 2008

Storms, Sirens, Sleepy

My husband is a firefighter, as many of you know, so he is ALWAYS on call for any emergency city-wide situation. During the spring and fall storms, he is on the lookout for any tornadoes, since he gives the go ahead to turn the sirens on in the city.

So around 3:40 last night, his handy-dandy storm tracker radio went off and we both got up to check out the situation. The weather service had issued a tornado warning for our county, so Jon had to make the call.

About this time, Jon went and got JD out of his crib and put us all in the closet in our bedroom with flashlights and his radio. We heard the wind blowing all around us with lots of thunder. Our power went out once, but came back on pretty quickly.

JD thought it was great fun. He was playing in daddy's closet, what could be more fun?? Plus he loved the flashlights. All I could think about was not having any baby food or diapers in the closet, should the situation get bad.

Jon's cellphone kept ringing from work, so he decided he needed to get in to assess the situation. He left right after they canceled the warning for our area.

I got JD settled back into bed (he went right back to sleep thankfully), but I was wide awake. I tossed and turned until 5:30 am.

This morning, the aftermath was pretty bad, but not devestating. Some houses on the west side of our city got hit by a small tornado and lots of fences and trees were blown down all over the city. I saw lots of roof damage and debris in the street as I was heading to Baby Boot Camp this morning. The power is still out in parts of the city.

Now of course, it is sunny and shaping up to be a beautiful day. All I want to do is crawl back into bed!!


Dara said...

Hope you get a good nap. I, unfortunately, won't get one with working remote today. oh well. EB is taking a nice one now though! Thanks for the warning... so glad it wasn't too serious damage-wise! EB had to be soothed a bit to go back to sleep last night and Emma went right back to sleep. I am with you... was wide awake until 5:30am and my alarm went off at 6am. Definitely sleepy today!