Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Learning to Speak JD

In honor of JD's 22nd month of life, I wanted to capture some of JD's linguistic developments. It is amazing to me how he hears one thing and when he repeats it, it comes out completely different. And he is starting to string them together into phrases, which can make it even more difficult to decipher.

Gicky - "Mickey" (as in Mickey Mouse)
Poopee - "Excuse Me"
Peas - "Please"
Date U - "Thank You"
Wuh Wuh Wuh - "I love you"
Diddles - "Wiggles"
Oofy - "Goofy"
Poo NaNa - "Pooh went night night" (I heard this one for the first time this morning)
Burr - "Bear"
Yaayo - "Yellow"
Yeyee - "Ellie"
Gucket - "Margaret" (or it can mean bucket)
Tetzel - "Pretzel"
Mama - "Mama, Emma, Grandma"
Come - "Thomas" (As in Thomas the Tank)
KayKay - "Kenna"
Teetza - "Pizza" (which started off more like peepee, so I'm glad we evolved that word)
Pay Cars - "Play cars" (which basically means do anything other than what I am doing right this minute)

I love hearing JD talk and my favorite is "Wuh wuh wuh," as you can imagine! We can have quite the conversation now, but he will get really frustrated if I don't understand what he is saying right away!


Rachel said...

These are so cute and funny! Only his mamma (and daddy) could decifer some of those!

Lindsay said...

You are so smart to write them all down. Kimber had some really funny ones. Do you remember Eta for Mickey Mouse. She would say Eta Mouse. Not sure where Eta came from.

Dara said...

Those will be great to have written for later for sure! I still love Ellie Beth's "boop" for soup, "noo-get" for music, "deeny" for Lindsay (among MANY)... Emma's
"pin-cuter" for computer is the best! I still won't correct that one... she still says it most of the time.