Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cuts, Bruises and Bloody Noses

I know - everyone's thinking, "You have a boy! What do you expect?" Well, I'm used to girls, so I am still getting used to my poor guy getting himself bruised and bloodied.

The aforementioned cut was actually in regard to a recent haircut, nothing more serious than that.

Here is the before:

And here is the after:

Did you notice the bruise on his cheek from hitting the table corner? We can't seem to get a break from the facial bruises. He is always banging into something. He stands at the perfect height for tables and armoire doors to bang him on the head.

And then last night, he slipped on one of his many cars and hit his nose on the floor. So my poor baby had his first bloody nose!! It was so sad (for Mama, JD didn't care quite as much).

I'm trying to prevent a trip to the emergency room in the near future, but I am thinking that it might happen anyway.


Lindsay said...

I can't keep Blake from getting facial bruises either. I am having to get used to boys as well. Glad to read your blog and get a quick glance at what to be ready for.

Heather said...

Poor JD! I hope his nose is all better today and that he doesn't end up with some black eyes because of it!!