Tuesday, February 17, 2009

JD's First Love

Since we are coming off of Valentine's Day, I thought it was time to talk about JD's first romance. She occupies most of his time these days and JD talks about nothing else when she is around. He loves all of the colors that she wears and frequently compliments her on her attributes. He asks me about her when she is gone and when we might see her again.

Let me introduce you to JD's first love.

I know that this is pretty typical for young boys, but it seems like my little guy is on the verge of obsession!

I always thought that the way to a boy's heart was through his stomach, but apparently whoever made that up didn't have access to these beauties.


Katie said...

LOL...I have a post in waiting on this exact subject! Cole has some very similar pictures! Too cute!

Dara said...

He comes by this naturally...don't you remember Ryan at his age??? He is too cute!

PS - love the new blog look!!!

The Bradley Fam said...

I love the perfect little rows!