Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lovin' with the Cousin

For Valentine's Weekend, we fixed up a little switcheroo with Dan and Heather. They watched JD on Friday night and Saturday morning, so Jon and I could have a nice evening (we had a great time eating at Kenny's and watching a movie and going to brunch on Saturday). And we watched Kenna on Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Getting a little Valentine's hug from my niece!!

Kenna has no problem making herself at home with JD and the toys, especially since this was their second day together! She knew just what toys she wanted!

JD, on the other hand, is apparently very good at sharing her toys, but not so good at sharing his! He was a little stingy with his cousin, and we had to remind him (several times) that sharing is caring.

But the afternoon and evening went so well! The kids took great naps (JD 3 hours, Kenna 2 hours) and ate snacks together.

After dinner, we put the kids in the bathtub for some blackmail pictures. JD showed Kenna how much fun it is to splash water EVERYWHERE!!

We tucked the kids in around 7:45 pm, and they both went down without a sound! That's a pretty remarkable end to this Valentine's Day! Let's hope that Sunday church preparations go this smoothly too!

Updated on Sunday morning

We had a fairly smooth Sunday morning, getting two kids ready for church! Both kids slept pretty well and got up around 7.

They both looked so cute in their red & black stuff!!

We heart time with KayKay!!


Kaitlin said...

haha love how you censored the pictures! I'm sure they have had a fun weekend!

Heather said...

Those pictures are great! Thanks for watching Miss K and hopefully the morning has gone smoothly!!

Dara said...

Too cute! It is great to switch around kiddos for sitting for sure! I found out you guys did Kenny's for dinner on Friday when we went on Saturday! Too funny!