Monday, February 9, 2009

Cooking It Up Right

We had another Food Creates Community event this past weekend and it went so well!!

The week before FCC got a mention on D Magazine's food blog Side Dish, so we had a bunch of attendees that are readers of that blog.

You can also get a more formal view of the event and what was served at dinner on the FCC blogsite.

We worked a really long and tiring night, but the guests were so appreciative and seemed to really enjoy the food.

Josh, Jon and Jordan getting ready to cook it up right before the guests arrive.

The always supportive wives helping to set the table and serve.

I'm recommending the paired wine to one guest.

Jon's cooking up the sauce for the risotto.

Jon is plating the fish, risotto, spinach dish. Yum!

Emily, Jordan's wife, really didn't want to serve these cookies. She wanted them all to herself! (I can't blame her - they were great!)

Dara was getting ready to serve the limoncello gelato for dessert. Jon made the gelato!

All of these great pictures were taken by Josh's dad - Edd Eason, who attended.

It was a lot of running back and forth during the dinner to make sure that everyone got their food hot and wine and water glasses were full.

But don't think that we were resting after dinner was over! Then we started in on washing the dishes!!

This picture is from one of the guests who attended and thought it was hilarious that we were in the garage washing dishes!

But I am so glad that the event was a success and we are still getting great comments from those who attended and even on the Side Dish blog!


Dara said...

What a great looking backyard and fabulous food! ... and of course, the most handsome chefs around, right? Love the dish washing picture, too funny!