Monday, February 23, 2009

Daddy, JD & the HOB

This weekend was all about Daddy & JD time.

On Friday afternoon, one of the medical helicopters made a landing near the firestation to show their new equipment. So I woke JD up from a nap a little early and brought him up to see it.

He was pretty impressed, even if he had a hard time waking up at first!

Afterward, Daddy showed JD around the firetrucks (again - he has seen them lots of times) and JD wanted to drive all the trucks over and over.

On Saturday morning, Jon took JD down to the auto show on the DART rail. I'm not sure which was more fun for JD - the train or the cars!

Jon says that JD picked out a new Yukon for me (Mommy's car!), but that he really liked the yellow truck the best.

On Sunday, we took Jon, Cara and Ken to the House of Blues downtown for the Gospel Choir brunch for their birthdays. They had lots of southern yummy food and JD really liked the singing!

Jon, Cara and Ken were brought up on the stage for birthday songs and dances! Pretty funny!

I think JD was a little embarrassed for his daddy, but cheered him on anyway!


Heather said...

I love the picture of JD driving the fire truck....too cute!