Monday, November 12, 2007

Sunday Family Fun

We hosted the Boyd family over for lunch after church yesterday to enjoy visiting with his aunt and uncle who were in town. Jon and I always have fun planning for a get-together with his family.

On Saturday, we did a "super clean" on the house and got it pretty much in order again (which was undone in 5 minutes when JD got up from his nap). Then we loaded up in the family vehicle to go to Sam's for some grocery shopping.

Let's pause here - have I ever mentioned how much we LOVE Sam's? Usually, a trip to Sam's is an entertainment event, comparable to dinner and a movie or a trip to the zoo. We love to go up and down the aisles and imagine what we could do with 2 gallons of mayonnaise or French's mustard.

I managed to turn this particular Sam's trip into an impromptu Christmas shopping experience. I found 50 yards of Christmas ribbon for wrapping my presents (perfect to go with my 50 feet of wrapping paper from Canton). I found a present for one of my nieces and got some ideas for a couple of other people.

After Sam's, we came home and started to plan for our Sunday lunch. We were making spiral cut ham, baked mac & cheese and homemade rolls. And we wanted it to be pretty much done by the time we all got done with church. So this was going to require some timing finesse. Jon thought through the logistics and I carried them out on Sunday morning after he left to get the A/V ready for services.

Side Story: At church, JD and I were sitting with my mom and my sister and her daughter Emma in the pew. All of the sudden during one of the "stand up" songs, I noticed the back of my pants were wet! I look back and the entire seam of the pew where the back and the seat meet was filled with brown liquid. I have no idea where it is coming from but I'm not excited about sitting back down in it when the song was over. I used baby wipes to start to clean the mess up and some other pew members helped by getting paper towels. We discovered that my sister had spilled her cup with tea in it when she left to take Emma to children's classes. What an adventure! I think it is safe to say that Dara will probably not be bringing tea to church for awhile!

Anyway, lunch went off great! Jon's mom brought a fruit salad, Jon's sister in laws brought homemade apple pie and potatoes and we all enjoyed a yummy meal together! JD entertained everyone with his new word - Ra-Ra and crawling around blowing raspberries. Can't get much better than that for a Sunday afternoon!


Heather said...

We had a great time too!

Lynn Leaming said...

I looked up in the balcony yesterday and saw that Boyd clan and thought how blessed you all are to live so close to one another. Great to have aunts, uncles, grandparents and grandchildren all together. I am sure it does take some logistics to feed that many, but so worth it!

Stephanie said...

Glad y'all had fun! I've never thought Sam's was all that fun, but I might look at it a little different now!

Dara said...

Sorry about the spill! What a mess! Yes, all tea will have to be finished before services from now on!

I LOVE Sam's also! Yes, it is truly fun and entertaining to walk around that store.

Glad the meal worked so well! Now, if I can get our meal to go as well on Thanksgiving...